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Benefits Of Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding Benefits


Nowadays we are seeing more and more mothers’ opting for formulated milk for their baby, with exception for mothers health conditions, of course. Else, there are few reasons for you to opt for formulated milk immediately. Yes, it may be easier and convenient compared to breastfeeding or transferring your breast milk into bottles. But your baby will be missing out on all the good benefits your breast milk provides.

Breast milk is the perfect for baby. As it the natural food for baby and contains immunity-boosting antibodies and healthy enzymes that can’t be replicated yet artificially. By breastfeeding your baby, the baby will gain health benefits such as:

Protection Against Eczema And Allergies:

breastfeeding benefits

If your family have a history of skin conditions or allergies, in this case it may be especially beneficial to breastfeed your baby. This is due to the fact that protein in cow’s milk and soy milk stimulates allergens and allergic reactions. However, with breast milk’s protein will be easily digested by the baby’s system.

Less Stomach Upset, Diarrhea and Constipation:

There’s no arguing that formulated milk does have its own perks but some of formulated milk, if it’s not suitable with your baby it may cause stomach upset, diarrhea or worse, a serious constipation. All of these will distress your baby due to the discomfort. However, with breast milk the risk of such health issues happening are very low as breast milk is very easy to be break down by your baby’s system.

Reduces The Risk Of Infections:

As according to infant nutrition expert Ruth A.Lawrence, MD, a professor of pediatrics and OB-GYN, from the University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry in Rochester, N.Y, and the author of Breastfeeding: A Guide For the Medical Profession (Elsvier-Mosby); says breastfeeding reduces the risk of virus, pneumonia, and cold from happening. Hence, formula fed babies are more like and have risk of getting ear infection and five times more likely to be pneumonia and respiratory tract infections.

Reduces The Risk Of SIDS:
The relation may still be unclear at this point, yet from the records and accounts; only half as many of breastfed babies had SIDS in comparison to formulated-fed babies.

Help Boosts Effectiveness of Vaccination:


According to researchers breastfeeding your baby will make your baby antibody responses better to vaccinations, thus increasing the effectiveness.

Protects Against Diseases Such As Spinal Meningitis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma:

Through breastfeeding, your immune factors and white blood cell will pass to your baby. Hence, bolstering your baby’s immune system to combat serious diseases.

Could Make Your Baby Smarter

There is no evidence for this claim, rather inconclusive. But so far, most studies have shown that breastfeeding your baby may help with your baby IQ’s growth. This as according to IQ test’s score taken by individuals who were breastfed babies, with socioeconomic factors taken into consideration as well. The cause of it is thought to be the fatty acids in breast milk yet this still inconclusive.

Strengthen The Bond

Also, breastfeeding strengthens your bond with the baby. Though this doesn’t mean bottle fed baby unable to form and strengthen the bond, but skin-to-skin contact contact to a newborn feels more assuring and the feeling of being protected

There Are Benefits For Moms Too!

benefits of breastfeeding

Turns out, breastfeeding is also beneficial for moms not limited to babies alone. There are a lot of health benefits for breastfeeding such as;

Helps Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer And Ovarian Cancer

According to studies made; breastfeeding helps to reduce the risk of both breast cancer and ovarian cancer later in life.

Helps You To Lose Pregnancy Weight

This is because milk productions would burn 300-500 calories a day, hence breastfeeding moms have better and healthier alternative for losing pregnancy weight, which is slowly and without dieting.

Causes The Uterus To Revert To Pre-pregnancy Size

During the first few weeks of breastfeeding you will feel a contraction, this is actually your uterus shrinking back to pre-pregnancy size.

Lower The Risk Of Osteoporosis

According to Lawrence, women who breastfeed have lower risk of post menopausal osteoporosis due to efficient calcium absorption by the body.

Helps Your Body To Recover After Giving Birth

As mentioned above, your uterus will recover back to its pre pregnancy size. Well, this is because of the oxytocin released when you breastfeeding your baby and this helps you uterus to contract which in turn reduces post-delivery blood loss. The rate which your uterus shrink back to its pre pregnancy size at 6 weeks postpartum. However, it will take 10 weeks, which is 4 weeks longer, if you don’t breastfeed.

Delays Menstruation Cycles For You

When you breastfeed constantly it will delay ovulation and this means delayed menstruation. This is due to the release of prolactin, which keeps both estrogen and progesterone at bay and because of this ovulation is not triggered. However, this doesn’t mean those two hormones will be at bay as your prolactin level will eventually drop after several months. When this happens, the two hormones will kick and your menstrual cycle will resume.

Natural Birth Control Protection

Though it may not be as effective as other forms of birth control, but by breastfeeding you can keep ovulation in check if you follow these:
Your must have not resumed period
Constantly breastfeed; every four hours at least
Do not use pacifiers, formula or bottles
Must more than six months of your postpartum
This method is called “lactation amenorrhea method”. And night time feeding is the most important because long stretches without feeding will hasten and triggers ovulation. So try to at least provide one or two feeding during night time.