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Baby Care Guide On Going Outside With Your Newborn

There are many different baby care tips for various situations. Such as the proper way to breastfeed, what to feed your baby and many more. However, there is also another frequently asked baby care question by most parents which is: when is it safe to take my baby outside? Especially if this is your first baby, you may be even more nervous about it. 

However your main concern should be, your baby’s immune system. At the first month of your baby’s birth, their immune system is not strong yet and it takes time for them to develop its strength. Newborn babies find it hard to fight away germs and bacteria. Your baby care essentials should include a thermometer so that you can monitor your baby’s health.

You can take your baby outside right away, there is no need to wait a few weeks or a couple months. Being outside is good for your and your baby. Being outside provides your baby to the exposure of vitamin D, helps boost energy as well as mood levels. Below are basic baby care guides to help you take your baby out.


Baby Care On Sunlight Exposure

The sun does provide your baby with vitamin D however being out too long in the sun could also cause a sunburn or it could even make your baby get overly heated. Keep sunlight exposure limited to 15 minutes per day and be sure to use lots of sunscreen for your little one before taking them out. Besides, avoid taking your baby out during midday when the sun is at its hottest. 

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Locations For Your Baby

Know which areas are Germ Central. This means you should avoid places such as schools, doctor’s offices(unless necessary), daycares and even public transportation. If you do have to take your baby to these places, keep your baby close to you. It is best to use a carrier or a stroller and cover your baby. When you have touched any of the surfaces at these locations be sure that you wash your hands properly before touching or holding your baby.

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Baby Care On Handling Germs

As mentioned above, baby care involves you making sure your baby avoids germs at all times. However germs are not only found at places but they come from people as well. Always put your baby care and their health as priority. Be selective with who can and cannot hold your baby. It is a smart move to say no politely if strangers want to hold your newborn as you may not know who is sick and who isn’t

Baby Care Temperature

Don’t overdress or underdress your baby. It is best to dress your baby according to the temperature they are in. Most people think they should always keep their baby wrapped in a warm bundle. However, baby care guides suggest this is only necessary if its according to temperature. Wrapping your baby up unnecessarily could cause them to get overheated. Look at baby care guides on how you should be dressing you baby. It may be able to help you out. 

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Baby care for a newborn is based on common sense, instinct and professional guidance. Only when you combine all three, you will be able to have an idea on how you should care for your little one. Do as much research as you can, ask as many questions or talk to as many people. This way you will be able to get as much guidance as possible, especially if you are new at parenting you will be needing as much help as you can get.