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Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The New Mum To Be

Becoming a parent for the first time can be stressful for most people. They may have been busy reading so many guides on how to take their baby out, how to get used to breastfeeding and many more. So it is definitely a great idea for you to throw them a baby shower. Not only will a baby shower help them calm their nerves but they will also be a great way for them to catch up with friends and family.

 You can throw a baby shower anytime you like after the couple has announced their pregnancy. Look up various baby shower party ideas and baby shower food ideas to get you started. However, the most important thing is to put the parents to be in mind while planning the shower. It is after all to celebrate the beginning of their new chapter in life.

So, now that you have an idea of how you want the celebration to be, it’s time to think of what gifts you should be getting. If you are planning a baby shower or get invited to one, below are a few gift ideas that would make any parent to be happy

Wet bags

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These are waterproof cloth bags that any mum to be would be delighted to receive as a present.These bags can be used for a long time no matter how old their child gets. You can get them in many colours, designs and they come as totes or backpacks. Not only is the bag a great storage space but it is a lifesaver. 

It could be used to store dirty diapers when you are out or even be taken to the beach or swimming pool. When you have a child a wet bag will always prove itself to be useful. Another tip if possible is to look for ones that can be washed in the machine.


Ask any parent and they will tell you there is no such thing as having too many diapers. Do not think its weird to buy diapers as a baby shower gift. Besides, diapers are a practical gift that will be appreciated as a newborn baby tends to get dirty diapers often. You could get disposable diapers or reusable diapers as they can be used on different occasions.

Swaddle blankets

Moving on, swaddle blankets are next on the list of baby shower gift ideas. It is a multi purpose item that could be used for almost anything. Common uses include a clean place to change your baby in public, nursing covers, a seat cover on hot days, helps with swaddling newborns to sleep and it could even be a lightweight blanket. 

These blankets would be useful for any new parents to be. You could even get a few in various colours and patterns. Moreover, you would not have to worry if someone else is getting the same present as there is never such a thing as too many swaddle blankets for a newborn baby. It could get dirty easily and its always good to have backup. 

Baby Wipes

Well, as you know babies are really messy and the parents would have to be constantly prepared to clean up after them. Especially if you take the baby out, accidents are bound to happen. Get baby wipes that are non fragrant as newborn babies may be sensitive to certain smells. Try getting a gift pack that comes with several packs of baby wipes in one. Ask any existing parent and they will tell you that these wipes finish extremely fast when a baby is still young.

Board Books

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A cute baby shower gift idea is to get board books for the little one. Parents could read them to their baby and these books could be kept until they are older. It could even be passed down to their younger siblings. Board books make great gifts as their story lines are made to be short and simple. This way it keeps the child’s attention. 

You could get a few different board books or even include a mini board book with other presents you are giving to the parents to be. Adding baby books to a child’s collection is a good way of helping them new words and it helps improve their speech and vocabulary.

Gift Cards

If you really do not know what to get the new parents. You could get them a gift card. This way the parents of the baby can get whatever they need from the store. Try going to any baby clothing store, child care store or even toy store and ask them if they sell gift cards. You can put in any amount that you can afford. 


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If you’re feeling a little crafty, you could make a tiny basket or hamper filled with baby toiletries. You can include baby shower gel, diaper cream, vaseline, sunscreen and any other baby care essential that you can think of. This is a baby shower gift that is really worth it and has many functions for the little one.

Baby Clothes

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Another tip to keep in mind when shopping is that babies tend to grow very fast. Especially during their first year. Most parents might only be prepared with clothes for the first few months. One way you could help them out is to get bigger baby clothes as baby shower gifts. Look for clothes that are meant for six months and older. This way the parents of the baby would not get too stressed when their baby starts growing as there are back up clothes. It would save them the stress of rushing to stores trying to get bigger clothes.