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Health Tips For Toddlers Eating Habits

Knowing what you should be eating while breastfeeding and what to feed your newborn baby is just as important as knowing what your growing child should be consuming. There are various health tips that you may have come across during your pregnancy. 

It would have guided you in taking a proper diet and drinking lots of water you that you and your baby are healthy. However, you should not stop looking at health tips after your pay has cross that one year mark. Toddlers also require a lot of care and attention when it comes to their food intake. 

Health Tips For Parental Concerns

Once your child begins to grow, there are a few changes that you may start to notice. As their parents, it is completely normal for you to get worried when you see your child’s behaviour changing especially when it has to do with their food. This is because you may feel that your child is not feeling well or is having certain problems.

But, health tips for your toddlers eating habits would remind you that is very normal for your little one to be a picky eater. Your toddler’s mind would be occupied would all the new things he or she is learning everyday and it could be the reason why they prefer spending time doing other things than sit at a table and eat. Below are other reasons as to why their eating habits might change:

Slower Growth

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When your child is in their second year, their growth may start to slow down. Health tips are there to guide you and let you know that it is not something you should stress out on. Your toddler just developed a smaller appetite and they require less food. Besides, you may even notice their food amount changing rapidly from day to day. 


Moving on, as their appetite becomes smaller you would notice that they do not require huge portions of food. They tend to prefer snacks and you can look at health tips to find snacks that would be beneficial to their health. Since toddlers hate being in one place, try getting them finger foods so that they may eat and explore at the same time. 

Do not worry if your child is not eating much. Health tips recommended to let your child eat when they are hungry and let them stop when they can’t go on. Try to avoid forcing them to eat or finish everything on their plate. 

Fussy Eating

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Another common parental concern when it comes to toddlers is noticing that they are fussy eaters. Health tips advise that it is because they want to show independence. So, it is completely normal when they reject the foods offered by you. However, this does not mean that they do not like the food. Try offering it another day and they might eat it.

Health Tips On Helping With Your Child’s Mealtime

When it comes to ensuring your toddler is following good health tips, there are a few things you can do to help them. You can implement the habit of eating together as a family. This way you will be able to set the example that you are eating a healthy balanced diet as well.

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Look up various health tips on how you can cook a meal that is healthy and delicious for your entire family. Besides, bare in mind that your toddler eats small portions. So, do not over fill their plate. If they would like more, they will let you know. Overfilling their plates could cause them to lose appetites. 

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Moreover, sometimes you may want to let your child try new foods. It may be difficult at times. Health tips recommend pairing the new food with something your child already likes. This could make the process easier. Also, be patient with your little one and let them take their time. You should also avoid using foods as rewards, punishment or something to pacify your child. These are not good health tips for your little one to develop a proper eating habit. 

Mealtimes Should Be A Positive Experience

Health tips recommend letting your child enjoy their meals. Do not make it stressful. There are a few ways in how you can ensure your little one enjoys eating. This would include, letting them eat on their own and only help out if needed. Yes, your child may cause a mess but it is important that you let them enjoy the process.

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Moreover, toddlers are curious so you will definitely notice your little one picking up, touching and observing their food before eating it. Besides, eating as a family is a good idea too. This way your toddler can copy how the elder ones in the family are eating and it is important that you set a good example. Health tips encourage that mealtimes be relaxed and limited from distractions. So do not turn on the tv and leave all electronic devices away during meal time.

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You should also talk to your child with words of encouragement during meal time, not just about food but about anything else as well. Also, avoid rushing your toddler to eat their food faster. Health tips recommend that toddlers take their time with their meals. 

Health Tips On Safety

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Your little one is still learning. This is why you should always keep an eye on them. Toddlers may choke while eating. Health tips include being by your child’s side while they eat. Yes, you should let them be independent but they are still young and need your supervision at all times. 

Besides, avoid giving them hard foods such as nuts, raw carrots, hard sweets or even popcorn instead offer them steamed vegetables, cheese sticks or even rusks biscuits as snacks. Other health tips include encouraging your child to sit while they eat their meals. This would prevent them from choking and falling. 

 Drinks For Toddlers

As your child is growing, you should offer their drinks in cups. This would let your child get use to it. Health tips recommend giving their drinks in plastic cups as they may drop it. Toddlers tend to fill up easily on drinks especially sweet ones like juices. This may leave less room for food.

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Health tips recommend giving your child up to three cups of milk a day. Milk has a lot of nutritional benefits that your growing child needs. You can over them full fat milk and when they get older you can switch to reduced fat. Moreover, when your child gets thirsty offer them water. Water is the best way to keep your child hydrated. Juices and other sweet drinks may be offered occasionally.