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How To Treat Baby Rash

Newborn babies are very delicate and sensitive, especially their skin. In this case, Malaysia’s hot and humid weather certainly doesn’t help with babies’ sensitive skin, thus it is especially common for babies in Malaysia to have skin rashes. So, Malaysian parents don’t panic just yet and put aside all the worst case scenarios in your head. Previously, i covered briefly on common types of baby rash but this time around i’ll get into more details, so that parents out there will be well-prepared. 

Know Your Rashes

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When you see red dots or bumps, you must first identify what type of rash your baby is having. There are few types of baby rashes and by knowing them by name and characteristics it’ll help you in dealing with them.

Neonatal Acne

Make no mistake parents and folks, even babies can have acne. Yes, you heard me right, acne. You will notice small red bumps dotting over wide area on your baby skin or concentrated in a small area. Oh, and neonatal acne doesn’t progresses to whitehead or blackhead stages like in adults. 

Neonatal acne is said to cause by exposure to maternal hormones in the womb and also from breastfeeding. However, this doesn’t mean you should forced stop breastfeeding your baby and change to formula milk because with the right treatment the neonatal acne break out can be and will stop. 

Dry, Flaky And Peeling Skin

This type of baby rash is especially prevalent in Malaysia due to our country’s hot and humid weather, even unpredictable sometimes. This type of baby rash is similar to dry, flaky and peeling skin usually seen in adults and kids. The symptoms will manifest when your baby skin becomes too dry, the skin then will become irritated, reddish, and slightly swollen. 

This type of skin problem usually begin to manifest in the first year of your baby’s life. The frequency of the breakouts depending on the temperature and environment, being in Malaysia you can expect to see it happen commonly. 


This baby rash or condition appears as white bumps on your baby’s nose or face. Milia is caused by your baby’s blocked oil glands. You may find the white bumps persist on your first few attempts, but don’t worry because as your baby’s oil glands grow and the pores will open up then it’ll be easier to be treated. 

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap skin rash usually develop after the first or second month of your baby’s life. The baby skin will become red, irritated and greasy with yellowish or cream crust on top. It usually appears on your baby’s scalp area, hence the name Cradle Cap, however it can still appear and spread to your baby’s neck, palm, armpits, and ears. 


Eczema is a type of rash or skin condition where itchy and swollen red patches appear on certain parts of your baby’s body; chest, legs, hands, head, knees, elbows, or arms. Make no mistake eczema also appears on adults (I myself suffering from eczema) though the condition is far more severe than that of a baby. Anyways, eczema is caused by a thin or nonexistent, protective layer (hydrolipidic barrier). Due to its minimal protection or absence of the protective layer. The skin then is exposed to dust, scratchy clothing and pet danders, which are triggers for eczema. 

Diaper Rash

A common rash that happens at your baby diaper’s area. The causes for diaper rash can be varied; from due to stress (because of teething) or something as common as not getting enough air. 


A skin rash that you can immediately recognized because of its distinct red welts when it appears on baby skin. A red bump with sometimes white-ish center, similar to mosquitos’ bite. Hives ranging from a quarter-inch to three inch in diameter and it’s normally circular or oval shape.


Well, I think everyone knows about this skin condition, right? Especially parents in Malaysia. We all know it caused by extended exposure to sunlight. To us adults it may not be a big deal (it can be to some though), however it’s a different story with babies. Babies skin is far more sensitive and it’s especially sensitive to UV rays. So make to protect every little inch of your baby when you go out during the day. 

Treating It

Now, that all of us have made the acquaintance with all the rashes type, it is time we turn to the treatment for it. The remedies that will help you deal with these rashes. Most of the rashes listed above can be treated at home, though if after a week it still persist you should see and refer a doctor. 

Make Sure Your Baby Is Comfortable

As we all know, one of the main and common reasons for rashes to occur is because your baby is not in a comfortable situation. So the best step to take is to ensure your baby is comfortable at all times. So let’s take a look at how you can keep your baby comfortable.

Airy And Loose Clothing For Your Baby

Baby Clothes-Unisex Baby Casual Summer Romper

One of the common reasons for a baby to develop rash around the torso or chest is because of the heat trapped at the said areas. And our country, Malaysia, is awfully hot so dress your baby in a clothing that is made of cool fabric, airy and loose. This way there won’t be much heat trapped and regulate better airflow which will cool off your baby sensitive skin

For your baby day wear, it is recommended to dress your baby in a short sleeves as Malaysia’s weather during the day can be very hot. To avoid rashes from manifesting around your baby’s arms area, short sleeves clothing are the ideal choice. As for nightwear, it depends on the temperature and weather the night. If it’s a cool and windy night then dress your baby in a long sleeve clothing. If it’s not, short sleeve clothing will suffice. For example, in our store inventory we have unisex casual baby rompers made from cool and soft material that will provide airings for your baby’s skin. 

Three Things That Will Help You Avoid Irritating Your Baby’s Skin Rash

Something obvious yet we tend to overlook this matter, sometimes accidentally. So to help you stays in check and mindful of these, read and memorize these three things:

  • Keep your baby away from direct contact with the sunlight because UV rays will cause further dryness. So if you have to go out with your baby during daytime, bring an umbrella to protect your baby from the sunlight.
  • Be mindful when holding and handling your baby. Be gentle, and take care not to stretch, or rub the affected area.
  • When bathing your baby, make sure to use gentle and baby friendly cleanser so that it worsens the rash any further or harm the skin and cause a new rash.

A simple three-steps yet it goes a long way in helping treating your baby skin rash and ensuring your baby stays comfortable all day long.

Warmth Is The Cure To Most Ailments, Including Baby Rashes

Warmth since time immemorial has play an important part in providing comfort and soothes human, be it adults or babies. In this case, a warm bath will certainly help to cool and soothe your baby hot, dry skin. To make it even more effective, you can add baby-friendly curative bath oil to help soothe the dry skin even more. 

Cool The Affected Area With A Cool Cloth

Your baby skin will become dry, itchy, hot, or tight because of rashes. One way to alleviate this ailment (a well known method for baby care in Malaysia) is by applying cool cloth on the affected area. This will help reduce the discomfort your baby is experiencing. Just grab a clean cloth like a small towel or a clean rag, then soak it in cold water, wring the cloth and gently apply it on the affected skin area. 

Hugs And Kisses Work Wonders

A loving hugs and kisses will always soothes one’s heart, whether it’s a baby or an adult. Though this may not cure and treat the rashes but a loving hug and a kiss will help comfort your baby.

Rash Specific Treatment

Baby Acne

Baby acne will eventually fade away as your baby’s body gradually becomes used to or processes out the maternal hormone that causes the acne. However, it may take weeks or even months before it finally cleared out. So in the time being keep your baby healthy and clean with baby products.

Away With The Dry, Flaky And Oily Skin

Dry skin is usually due to lack of moisture. This type of baby rash happens especially often in Malaysia due to our hot weather all year round, so moms always be mindful of your baby’s skin moisture. You can apply a cold baby cream or lotion to help reduce it or apply cool cloth. 

Baby Milia Away~!

The white bumps or baby milia will eventually go away as your baby gradually adapted to the new environment outside of the womb and the skin will normalize. However, they may stick longer to your baby skin than it supposed to. To prevent this you should always keep your baby skin clean. 

Treating Cradle Cap

Baby’s cradle cap skin condition can be treated by applying shampoo onto your baby’s scalp two to three times in a week. Make sure to use a shampoo that is formulated especially for treating cradle cap. 

Baby Eczema And How To Treat It

In order to treat baby eczema you will need to apply emollient balm a few times a day. The emollient will then form a protective layer over your baby skin preventing triggerers from causing breakouts. If you want to prevent skin irritation during bath time, adding a few drops of oil such as Stelatopia Bath Oil into the bath water.

Cool It Prickly Heat!

This skin condition will usually go away on its own if you constantly keep your baby’s skin cool and at a comfortable temperature. The treatment is very simple, you only need to bathe your baby in cool water and use a soft towel to pat your baby’s back. By cooling down your baby’s skin, the itchiness caused by prickly heat will go away. 

Treating The Infamous Diaper Rash

To treat diaper rash you need to make sure that your baby’s skin is dry and is allowed to breathe. This means your baby might have to go without clothes or a diaper for a while. You can further alleviate this problem applying healing cream specially formulated to treat baby rashes. 

Healing The Hives

Hive is a result of allergic reactions experienced by your baby, so the only way to treat hive is by identifying the allergen that causes hive. It will be a difficult task because your baby will constantly be exposed to new allergens. 

I compiled a list of allergens that could trigger hive on your baby:

  • A new skincare products such as lotions, shampoo, or lotion
  • Dander or fur from household pet
  • Pollen from a nearby grass, bush, tree or flower
  • Insect bites

Should you able to identify the allergens, remove it immediately from your baby’s environment. If you are unable to identify which allergens cause hive on your baby, then you’ll need to keep your baby comfortable and administer small doses of antihistamine and monitor your baby closely, until the hives go away. 

However, there are cases where hives become severe, your baby will start wheezing or will have a hard time to breathe. If any of these signs show, take your baby to the nearest hospital immediately.

 Let’s Treat The Sunburn

The treatment for sunburn on baby is just as the same as treating sunburn on yourself. The first step is to cover your baby with soft and loose clothing when you go out during the day. Next is to apply ointment such aloe vera (which is very effective for it’s cooling properties) on the affected area. 

During sunburn breakouts on your baby, you will need to make sure your baby is comfortable at all times including during bath time. So this means you need to provide cool baths, gentle cleanser, and soothing lotions. The rest leave it to time to heal the sunburn. 

See And Consult With Your Pediatrician 

Difficulty In Breathing

Rashes can also be due to an allergic reaction and it can get severe. If you see that rashes breakout on your baby is accompanied by breathing difficulty; this allergic reaction is called anaphylactic shock and it is life-threatening. 

When you see your baby is wheezing, struggling to breathe. Take your baby to the nearest hospital immediately. 

Pay Attention To Other Symptoms That Appear Along With The Rashes

There may be other symptoms along with the rashes such as:

  • Fever
  • Reduced appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Cough
  • Sneezing

Should rashes erupt on your baby’s body and followed by one or more symptoms stated above, take your baby to the nearest medical center for immediate treatment. Because it could be a sign to larger problems. 

However, should it only the rashes alone and no other symptoms accompanied it, it is like just normal rashes. But you should still keep an eye on the rashes condition, check for their intensity, shape, and size. Should the rashes prolonged after treatments, take your baby to see a doctor.

Be On The Lookout For Infection Signs Or Blisters

Pay attention to the state of the rash, look for any signs of infection such as:

  • Opaque, yellowish fluid seepage
  • Blister
  • Bleeding or dried blood
  • Small, bright red or purple dots on top of the rash

These signs could be indication to something much more serious such as viral infection or herpes. So take your baby to a doctor immediately. 

You Are Set And Ready

Well, I bet Malaysian parents are will be set and ready to deal with any type of baby rash calmly, without panicking. If you have read this article thoroughly then you won’t face much trouble when dealing with your baby skin’s rash. Just follow the steps one by one and you’ll do just great.