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Parenting Skills That All Parents Should Have

Being a parent requires you to have certain parenting skills. As your child starts to grow you will realise that taking care of a baby is not the same as taking care of a five or six year old kid. They would be moving around, talking and even expressing their needs and wants more clearly. You may have already identified your parenting style and your partner’s. However having a parenting style is not enough. It takes parenting skills as well for you to know how to help you and your child have a better relationship.

There is not actually a specific way in you knowing how to control your child. You could only help them by showing them certain values and attributes that may help them get closer to you. Having a close bond with your child would eventually lead them to having lesser problems as they know they can always count on you to be there.

Parenting Skills On Listening

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The most important of all parenting skills is being a good listener. Some children can be going through a lot, even at such a young age. It is important for you as a parent to try and understand them. Once you get home, try spending an hour or two with just your child without any unwanted distractions. 

Ask them about their day and let them express their feelings about everything. 

You should make it clear that you care for them, ask them questions and try to get them to voice out. Sometimes, if you notice them being scared or silent keep prompting them to talk in a caring manner. Parenting skills should include active listening. This means you should listen to your child without having thoughts of what to respond next. The best tip is to focus entirely on what your child is saying. Listening is one of the best parenting skills as it shows your child you really care about their thoughts. 

Set A Good Examples and Rules

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Next, being a parent does not only mean telling your child what to do and how to behave. If you want you kid to behave a certain way, you have be their lead. When it comes to parenting skills most parents forget that their young kids look at them as role models. When your kids are growing up, they see you the most before they start attending kindergarten. 

So, if your kid says a certain foul word or behaves a certain way, sometimes they would have picked it up from you and/or your partner. Parenting skills, include you showing your kid a good and healthy relationship between you and your partner. Try not to have fights or arguments in front of your children. 

Moreover, you should also have to establish certain rules to ensure your child stays in line. Sometimes you have to be a little more firm. If you notice your kid getting out of control, think of ways on how you can control them. It is always easier to mold your child from young. As mentioned, you have to set the example as well. For example, if you made the rule that a certain word should not be used. Be sure that you do not use it too. 

Parenting Skills On Showing Good Judgement

As a parent, you make mistakes too. Sometimes you may have made your child feel sad or left out. One of the parenting skills include you apologizing to your kid. Being a parent is all about showing your child love and attention. Besides, if you want your kids to have good manners, you will also have to show them that you can make good judgements as well. 

Also, if you have more than one kid ensure that you are fair and equal with both. Especially, when their ages are close by. Kids may start to get jealous if they feel left out or that there is unfair treatment. No matter their gender or age, you should always remember to set the same rules for all your children.

Controlling Emotions

Parenting skills also require that you keep yourself sane in front of your children. Try not to show them any negative behavior or say anything that you might not wish for them to learn. Moreover, when you have a child you should always be aware of what they are looking at and listening to. 

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Avoid having angry or emotional conversations in front of them. Young children have the ability to quickly absorb everything they see and hear. This is why you need to be extra careful of your words and actions around them.

If you and your spouse are constantly having arguments or you may even be having a fight with your neighbour. Your child will absorb everything you are feeling and saying. This could have a negative impact on their mental health.

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However, it is normal for you to have feelings and emotions. Nobody is perfect. Just ensure that you talk to your child later on and apologize for the way you acted in front of them. Give them a warm hug and let them know that everything is okay.

Parenting Skills On Quality Time

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Try setting a part a few hours a day and even the weekends just to spend as much time as you can with your child. Go for a movie, a short vacation or even play a game together.

Try thinking of activities that both you and your child can enjoy together. Your child will most likely be in kindergarten or soon attending kindergarten. This means you may not have much time a day to spend with them. Also, if you and your partner are working this means there is less time to spend with your child. So, it is essential that you use whatever time you can get to be with them.

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Another parenting skills on spending quality time is to say you love them. Your child is the most precious thing you own. Make sure they know how you feel towards them. Shower them with hugs and kisses. It is important for your child to be comfortable around you.