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Travelling With Kids

The Joy Of Travelling

Travelling the world is one of the best thing to do in this world because you get to see and experience new culture, meet new people, and taste new foods. The thrill and excitement of discovering something new are truly both eye and mind opening, makes you see the world in whole different light.

Though will it be the same if you are travelling with kids? Will you still be able to experience all that or you’ll occupied handling the kids throughout the travel? Well, this depends how well you have prepared for travelling with kids and your take on the situation.

Prepare For The Journey!

The amount things you have prepare depends on how old are your kids and how many of them will be tagging along with you, what kind of place you’ll be travelling to and for how long you will be there. If you are planning to bring along your one year old or younger, you will need to pack and prepare a whole bunch of things.

First thing first, you to check who’s coming with you. If it’s your one year old baby then you will need to pack a bunch of extra clothes and diapers for your travel. If you are heading to place with cold climate pack a baby sweater or jacket, baby winter gloves and socks. However, if you are heading to a place with tropical climate, you’ll want to pack a bunch of airy baby clothes so that your baby will comfortable.

But if your travelling with more than one kids, then you got even more things to prepare and consider. First of all, you need to make sure everyone of them has enough clothings. If you have a ten years old or an eight years old tagging along, you’ll want to pack extra clothes for them because kids around these age still have the tendency to “accidentally” dirtied their clothes. So to spare you the headache of looking for new clothes in a foreign city, pack extra clothes for them.

You maybe travelling to a city or the sort but packing along a medical kit with you wouldn’t hurt. It is good to be prepared than under prepared when it comes life emergency. Put the medical kit at the top inside of your backpack, this way it’ll be easy and quick to be access to in times of emergency.

During The Travel

Bring A Portable And Lightweight Stroller

Travelling with kids will only become a nightmare when you are under prepared and approached the situation in the wrong.  First step is; make sure your kids are comfortable during the travels. Because kids will only start throwing tantrums when they unhappy with something and not comfortable. For a baby or a toddler that just learned how to walk, i suggest you to bring a portable and lightweight stroller baby gear so that you put your baby/toddler in it when they tired or need a nap. This also means you don’t have to divert your energy into carrying them, leaving you with spare energy for more sightseeing.

Make Your Kids Wearing Comfortable Attire

For three years old and above make sure they are wearing comfortable attire, especially shoes. You and your kids will be doing a lot of walking around, so get your kids comfortable footwear to slip into. Make sure the footwear you give them just the right size, if it’s too loose it cause lacerations or if it’s too tight it will your kids feet. If it possible for your kids to slip on a pair of sandals, let them slip on the sandals that’ll relieve their feet big time.

Crowd Control Your Kids

If one or more of your kids started acting up, throwing tantrums find someplace to sit and calm things down. Ask them what’s wrong, if your kids say that they are tired then find a place to rest like maybe a cafe or restaurant so that both you and your kids can recharge your energy back but if they seem really exhausted head back to your hotel and rest up for the day.

If see your kids started arguing and fighting one another step in immediately and stop, tell them nicely to calm down. Remind them you are on a trip, and you are supposed to have fun not fighting. Separate them if you need to, so along as they stop fighting and arguing with one another.

Be Aware of Your Surrounding

Next, always be aware of what is happening around you because you are not travelling anymore now, you have your kids with you now. You’ll be travelling in a foreign place, meaning incidents such separated from your one of kids can be very dangerous and troublesome, so keep them close to all time and do not lose sight of them. Yes, you can still enjoy yourself but be sure to be aware of your surrounding so and keep the head count in check at all time.

It All Depends On How You Handle The Whole Situation

Travelling with kids can be a absolute nightmare or an occasion filled with great memories, which is the outcome will depend on how you handle situations at hand during your travel.