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Infant Care While Taking Your Baby For A Drive

You should know that infant care includes certain safety measures and precautions that should be taken care of. The clothes you dress them in also matters and you should by now know what your baby should be wearing under different temperatures and weather. However, when you are taking your baby for a car ride you may want to be extra careful. Infant care in the car can be difficult for some parents, especially if it’s your first time.

Infant Care and the Importance of Car Seats

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Using a child safety seat in the car plays a vital role in infant care.It is the best way to protect your baby while driving them around. You may never know when an accident may happen and also car seats ensure your child is safe and secured.

You should also know which are the best car seats for your child depending on their weight, size and vehicle. Besides, when in a car there may be certain obstacles and even bumpy roads that are hard to avoid. You may think the best infant care method is to handle your baby, however its not.

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The best way to handle your baby in a car is to ensure they are stable and strapped in. Holding your baby might cause injuries to their head when you hit the brakes. Also, if there is an unavoidable accident, holding your baby in your arms could cause them more injuries.

Infant Care and Installing a Car Seat

When you are out picking a car seat, be sure to ensure that the seat has been verified to be safe. Most car seats would state it on a label that you can find on the seat itself. Next, learn how to install the car seat onto your car. Look at how you should be using the harness before you take your child for their first ride.

If you are unsure, get help from someone who would be able to help you. When it comes to infant care, you should never take things too easily. Don’t depend on just the instructions if you are having difficulty understanding them. You could even ask someone in the store to help you out. Moreover, if you are using a secondhand car seat, be very careful.

Avoid using a car seat if:

  • It has been in a crash before, certain parts could be already damaged
  • Has broken or missing parts, it is unsafe for your baby and it could injure them
  • Does not have an expiry date, car seats can only be used for a recommended amount of time. Using it beyond that is a risk. 
  • If its torn or has holes in it. Any of this shows that the seat is worn out. Using an old seat for your baby is not encouraged.

Car Seats for Infants

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Infant care for car seats means you buy the right seat for your infant. Be sure to check if the car seat you are buying is meant for infants. Infant car seats fit newborns and smaller infants best while car seats for children are made slightly bigger. You should know that these infant seats are designed for babies until they reach about 16 kilograms.

Moving on, your infant car seat should be installed to face the rear of the car. This way your baby will be safer. A rear-facing seat will cradle your baby’s head, neck and torso incase there is a crash. While your baby is still very young he or she may not be able to use their neck to support their head.

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Also your baby should use an infant car seat until their height and weight is appropriate for bigger seats. But, if your child is small in size he or she may continue using the infant seat until three or four years old.

You should know that most infant car seats can be doubled as carriers when detached. There are even car seats that can be attached to strollers. Check with the sales person and get one with functions that would be best suited for your baby and your own activities.

Additional Infant Care Tips

An important infant care tip is never to leave the car seat on high places. When you detach the car seat and your baby is still in it, avoid leaving it on places that it could fall from. Besides, never leave your baby in the seat unsupervised.  You should never let your baby spend too much time in a car seat. If possible only let them be in it during important times.

 Leaving your baby in a car seat for too long, especially when it’s not for just a drive could limit their movements and stimulations. When it comes to infant care, let you baby be out of tight spaces.