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Pregnancy Tips On Handling Depression While Pregnant

You would have already read on signs of pregnancy and even tips to help you go through a healthy delivery but something that you might have missed out on is understanding your feelings during pregnancy. Pregnancy tips are made to assist and guide you through the process of childbirth. Dealing with depression are very important pregnancy tips as it is something you might go through while pregnant.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for all women. Having depression does not mean you are a bad mother. It just means you’re handling your pregnancy differently. You may have heard of postpartum depression, which is basically depression after you give birth. However, prenatal depression is just as real too. The opposite of postpartum, prenatal  depression is something you might go through during the days of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tips On Noticing Prenatal  Depression

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When it comes to depression, there are a few common signs you may want to look out for. These pregnancy tips aren’t just for mothers to be but basically for anyone who knows someone who is pregnant or who might come across someone who is pregnant. Depression is not something that should be taken lightly and everyone should do their part in helping each other out.

Common signs of depression during pregnancy include:

  • Lost of interest
  • Feeling worthless
  • Appetite change
  • Fatigue 
  • Change in sleeping patterns 
  • Suicidal thoughts or constantly thinking of harming yourself
  • Not being able to concentrate 

The signs mentioned above are the same as depression with regular people. The added signs for depression during pregnancy may be the mother having worries and doubts regarding her delivery. As a mother it is completely normal for you to have some worries but if you are unable to make yourself feel better and brush those feelings off, then you might be going through something deeper. Moreover, you may also overthink about your capability to be a mother. Especially if it is your first pregnancy, you may start to question yourself as a mother and you might bring yourself down. Women going through prenatal depression find it really hard to believe in themselves.

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If you are dealing with anxiety, unplanned pregnancy, family issues, relationship problems or stress regarding the well being of the baby, you may be most likely to experience depression while carrying your little one. Sometimes women who receive fertility treatment may also go through depression as they are worried about their developing baby. Other reasons causing you to be depressed while pregnant may include loss in pregnancies before and also if your family has a history of depression or you may have or had depression, those feelings may increase during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tips on Knowing What Depression Does To Your Baby

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When you are going through depression while pregnant, the most important of all pregnancy tips is to realise what your feelings can do to the baby. Prenatal depression could harm not only the mother but also the baby as well. When you are depressed it may cause you to drink, smoke and harm yourself in other ways. However, if you are pregnant and you do any of these, it could hurt your baby. Your baby may experience premature birth, low birth weight or even development problems. Moreover too much stress could also cause your baby to have colic after her or she is born. 

This is because being depressed during pregnancy may cause you to care less about yourself. Many pregnancy tips would have already explained that in order for the baby to develop healthy, the mother has to be healthy too. Your health is just as important as your baby’s health as he or she is sharing your body with you for the next nine months. 

Other effects that a baby may develop due to prenatal depression include being less active, not as responsive, gets easily agitated and may even show less attention. This is why it is essential for you to get help and/or voice out if you feel you may be experiencing prenatal depression.

 Treating Prenatal Depression

Before you do anything about your depression and start taking medications, the best of all pregnancy tips is to seek for help and talk to a professional. Dealing with prenatal depression is not the same as dealing with depression when you are not pregnant. This is because certain medications could harm the baby. There are medications that could give your baby complications such as physical malformations, heart problems,pulmonary hypertension and low birth weight. 

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Treatments for prenatal depression could consist of support groups, light therapy, private psychotherapy and/or medications. However it depends on what your doctor suggests for you based on your condition at that time. If you have mild to moderate depression, your doctor or care taker may suggest support groups and therapy but if your depression is severe then extra care and medication may be needed.

You may most likely have to talk to your prenatal caretaker and your mental caretaker to find out what medications would work for you. Medications used for depression may have effects on the baby and it’s best to discuss with the professionals on what would actually be the best solution for you and your little one.

Pregnancy Tips On Treating Prenatal Depression Naturally

There are ways for you to deal with your depression without needing any medications. Although it may not actually work for everyone but these pregnancy tips are worth the shot as they do not harm you or your baby.


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By keeping your body active and healthy, it will help you feel good. Try doing some light exercises that would help you feel good. Most pregnant women tend to sit around and sleep all day, being inside could also be another reason you feel sad and dull. Try going for walks or even doing your light exercises outside the house. It should help you get distracted and feel refreshed. 


While you are pregnant your body is going through a lot of changes and it can be really exhausting for you. This is why pregnancy tips always suggest that you get enough rest when you are pregnant. Having the right amounts of rest will keep your body and mind feeling better. Try sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday and having naps in between when you feel exhausted. This way you would not feel too bad. 

Diet and Nutrition

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Moving on, try staying away from foods or beverages that can cause you to think less clearly. This includes caffeine, artificial flavors, sugar and low protein foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables as they will keep your mind fresh and awake. Moreover, always have a nutritious breakfast. A diet high in omega 3 fatty acids are also good in helping pregnant women cope with prenatal depression.

Herbal Remedies

Pregnancy tips on naturally treating depression also include taking herbal vitamins and supplements. Ask your health care provider if vitamins or flower remedies are safe to be used. These treatments have the ability to change your moods and allow you to have better hormonal control. 


Lastly, sometimes you do not have to talk to just a professional to feel better. If you have a trusted family member, friend or even your partner, you can talk about your feelings with them. Sometimes talking alone can release the burden off your chests and make you feel so much lighter.