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Early Signs of Pregnancy

Are you worried that you might be pregnant? I bet there are plenty of women out here in Malaysia that are wondering the same thing. First things first, unless you have taken pregnancy test, try as much not to be overly anxious, because in some cases, there other explanations for the symptoms that you’re feeling. We so often over-think our situation that we start believing and physically feeling the symptoms. But if you have cause for believing that you might be pregnant, then this article should be of help.


It should be noted;

  • Not all women experience the same symptoms. Some might experience nausea and others might not. Also, the symptoms would not always come in the same order as another person. Each experience is unique.
  • Early pregnancy symptoms can resemble those of menstruation, or as some know it, PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  • Women in Malaysia may notice the early signs of pregnancy at different stages of their pregnancy. One might experience the symptoms at the beginning of the first trimester while others may feel them much later during the pregnancy
  • Early symptoms such as weight gain and missing your period are common symptoms.


Below is a checklist of the early symptoms of pregnancy


1. Missed period

pregnancy worryA missed period is a universal early symptom of pregnancy. I bet the first thing that comes to mind sometimes when your period is late is “what if I’m pregnant”, especially if you’re engaging in intercourse. A late period does not always mean you are pregnant. Stress is a common reason for a late period. It can cause hormone imbalance and may thus affect your cycle.

In the cases of actual pregnancy, a missed period is a consequence of conception, which is when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining. Usually, if there isn’t any fertilization, your uterus lining would shed and your period would start. Conception prevents this from happening.

In some cases, during implantation, women might notice spotting or some light bleeding. At times, this may be mistaken for your period.


2. Tender and swollen breasts

Alterations in your hormones (hormone balance) may cause your breasts to become tender or swollen. signs of early pregnancyThey may feel fuller or larger. In some cases, the areola ( the area surrounding the nipple) would darken. Women may experience these symptoms during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Please remember that tender and swollen breasts are also premenstrual symptoms.


3. Fatigue

Another early sign of pregnancy experienced by women in Malaysia is fatigue. If you are pregnant, then you would be feeling the fatigue because of hormone changes. During the first trimester, the levels of progesterone increase excessively, and having this hormone in large amounts can cause sleepiness. To add one, when pregnant, the blood vessels in your circulatory system expands to allow blood flow towards the uterus and this would cause a drop in your blood pressure.

4. Nausea

Often known as morning sickness, nausea is another typical early sign of pregnancy. The idea that morning sickness only early signs of pregnancyhappens in the morning is a myth. It can occur at any time during the day. Women might feel such nausea in the early weeks of their pregnancy. Pregnant women become more sensitive to odors which leads to feeling nauseous. An increase in levels of estrogen is also leads to this.

5. Mood swings

Pregnant women are very likely to experience mood swings during the first trimester and this is mostly as a result of the changes and surge of hormones flowing in. Keep in mind though that mood swings are also symptoms of PMS.

6. Constipation

A boost in the hormone progesterone leads to food flowing through the intestines more slowly. This would cause constipation. Eating food high in fiber and exercising would help with that. If, once tested, you find out that you are pregnant, it is important for you and the baby that you begin to follow a balanced diet.


7. Weight gain

Weight gain is more apparent towards the end of the first trimester due to the growth of the fetus and an increase in the food intake.

8. The Constant need to urinate

Hormone changes causes an increase in urination. Also, the surge in the amount of blood pumping through your body would lead to the kidneys processing more liquid which results in your bladder being full more often.

9. Vaginal Discharge

During the first trimester, the wall of vagina thickens and this lead to a thick, milky discharge. If you are experiencing itching or burning it is advisable for you to contact your gynecologist, as you may have yeast or bacterial infection.

Other symptoms of pregnancy may include headaches, back pains, and rise in temperature.

If you want to test for pregnancy, then you could take a pregnancy test, which can be bought at a nearby pharmacy in Malaysia or a health and beauty care store such as Watson. If you are pregnant, it is advisable that you book an appointment with your doctor and follow up on the growth and development of your fetus.

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