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Giving Birth: Tips To Help You Prepare For It

It is never easy to push a life out of your body. It is completely normal for you to have fears and doubts when it comes to giving birth. The day you would have to push your baby out would be the day you wait for the most. You would have already been reading on baby care guides and even parenting tips to help you get an idea of what you should do after giving birth. 

However, instead of just preparing on what to do after giving birth, you should also know what needs to be done and prepared for before that day arrives. Below are a few tips that will help you go through the process of pushing a baby out.

Giving Birth Classes

Signing up for a childbirth class is a good way in helping you be prepared for delivery. These classes would teach you on breathing techniques, exercises and even child care. It is best for all mothers especially if this is your first deliver to attend these kind of classes. Moreover, when you go for your check ups ask your doctor as many questions as you can. Do not feel shy about it. 

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It is always best to know as much as you can. Ask your doctor on Cesarean even if you are not considering it, check how the procedure would be, you may never know what complications you might face later on. Besides, you should also ask your doctor on the pains you may have while going through labor. Talk about methods in reducing those pains. 

Strength and Focus

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When you are preparing for labor, you have to be strong. It is understandable why you may be scared or have your worries but never let that bring you down. Attending yoga is a good way of keeping your mind focused and strong. There are several prenatal yoga classes that you could look into and they come in various prices too. Yoga in a good way to help you cope with the stress of giving birth. It increases your flexibility, improves your stamina and it also helps calm you down.

Besides yoga, you could also try watching motivational videos on labor and/or look at pictures of babies to keep your mind occupied. Do not over think of too many things during your pregnancy as it could affect your baby. Always be positive and keep your mind and energy focused on the well being of your little one. 

Being Prepared on Giving Birth

When you are going through your labor pain and getting ready to push your baby out, you might be overwhelmed and having lots of thoughts in your head. However, if you are prepared you are most likely to remain calm. It helps if you have actually practised on breathing exercises and done a few squats as part of your prenatal exercises. As mentioned earlier, talk to your doctor to know more about labor pain. Most women who are giving birth for the first time will be under a lot of pressure if they do not know what to expect. 

Besides, you should have also prepared for your delivery by packing the bag you will be needing to carry to the hospital. Your doctor may have given you are due date but sometimes the baby may come out earlier or later. No matter what, it is always good to stay prepared as it will allow you to reduce a lot of stress on the day of your delivery.

Giving Birth and Getting Up

When your days of giving birth are getting near, activities such as walking, dancing, standing and even kneeling will help the baby move lower. These are good exercises that you should be practising. Getting the baby to move down may not be as easy as it sounds. You may need to put in some effort to help your baby ease down the pelvis. You should be the one helping your baby get into position when giving birth.

Setting The Scene

Before the big day, you might want to consider talking to your doctor, partner and/or family members on how you want the scenario to be while you are giving birth. Some women may prefer to have their other children and family members around but there are also those who prefer to be alone either with or without their partner. You should be able to know yourself better and communicate those feelings with those around you. It is important that you feel comfortable and secure while giving birth. 

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Other things you might want to consider are having your favourite pillow or soft toy, playing a certain song or type of music and some women may even want a certain scent to be around them as they are giving birth. All of these preferences could help you go through delivery smoothly.

Giving Birth and Water

Sometimes pregnant women find it soothing to be in water before giving birth. If you have a bath tub at home, try soaking yourself in it and calm yourself down. Other options include taking a soak in the swimming pool or even just taking a nice long shower. There is something about water that tends to be very calming for pregnant women.

Suggestions On Giving Birth

Sometimes your friends and family members may have all sorts of suggestions and advice to help you with the process of giving birth. If you do not feel comfortable, do not do it. Remember that it is your body and your baby. You have the right to decide what you wish to do and deny what you do not want to do. As a woman going through pregnancy you should always put yourself first and think about how you feel. Being comfortable is essential for both you and your baby.