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Pregnancy Tips For Women In Their First Trimester

The first trimester is an important time for you to really be cautious as your body is getting busy to let your baby develop. This trimester is the first week up to the twelfth week of your pregnancy. So during the first day of your last period is when the first trimester begins. Pregnancy tips would already have thought you on how to be sure of your pregnancy. Most women would confirm they are pregnant by the fifth or sixth week. 

Pregnancy Tips On Knowing What Happens

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During the first three months there are many things that will happen to your body. Pregnancy tips would always urge women to check and confirm even if they have the slightest feeling that they are pregnant. 

During the first trimester the fertilised eggs would quickly divide itself and be implanted in the wall of your womb. It would then continue to grow from there. An embryo is what your baby will be called during this stage.

As someone who is planning on becoming pregnant, pregnancy tips that you may come across would advise you to not drink, smoke or take any drugs. If it is a planned pregnancy, you should stop all these habits the day you and your partner decide to have a baby. Moreover, if you ask your doctor on pregnancy tips they would say the same thing. This is because your baby grows rapidly at this trimester. 

At the sixth week a heartbeat can be heard and by the end of the first trimester your baby would have already formed muscles, bones and organs. Your embryo has now developed into a fetus. At this stage, your baby would already take shape of a tiny human.

Knowing Your Due Date

The best way to identify your due date would be to ask your gynaecologist. He or she would usually help you calculate your due date during your check up. However, if you wish to confirm it on your own you could always download pregnancy apps or even check on the due date calculator online. 

Pregnancy Tips On Medication and Supplements

Taking folic acid immediately after knowing you are pregnant are always the top of the list of most pregnancy tips. Folic acid important in ensuring your baby would not have any brain or spinal cord problems. You can easily get this at pharmacies or your doctor may even give them to you during your monthly check ups. Other vitamins that you should be taking include calcium, vitamin D and pregnancy multivitamin

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Also, if you fall sick during your pregnancy be sure to check with your doctor before consuming any medication. When you are pregnant there are certain medications that may be harmful for your baby, even if they are just over the counter medications. The best pregnancy tips for you would be to always consult your doctor. 

Pregnancy Tips On Taking Care Of Yourself

Moving on, when you are pregnant your health is just as important as the baby’s health. You should never forget this. It is always important that you feel good and eat right. This would help your baby develop healthily. Pay attention to yourself, if you feel like you’re going through prenatal depression, seek for help as soon as you can. 

There are also various pregnancy tips that would advise you on the types of food that you should be eating while you are pregnant. Maintaining a healthy diet is important for both you and your developing baby.

Learning Warning Signs

If this is your first pregnancy, your doctor and family members may have given you a few pregnancy tips that you should pay close attention to. These pregnancy tips will guide you in knowing when there is an emergency. The most important warning sign is bleeding. It is not normal for a pregnant woman to bleed during her pregnancy. Bleeding usually indicates that something has gone wrong, however do not just jump to conclusions. Visit a doctor immediately. 

Pregnancy Tips On Resting

As mentioned, during your first trimester you body would feel very different. It is still trying to get used to the fact that you are carrying another life within you. You may feel tired and easily drained at this point. There are many hormonal changes that your body is going through and it may even cause you to have various other feelings. 

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The best pregnancy tips would be to go to sleep early and try sleeping until you feel refreshed. If possible, you should even include naps in your daily routine. Resting may be difficult for some as you may need to go to work. However, try to find even just a few minutes to rest yourself mentally and physically. 

Pregnancy tips also include that you should start sleeping on your side during your first trimester. Once your bump gets bigger sleeping flat on your tummy would be very uncomfortable while sleeping on your back would limit blood supply for the baby.

Knowing When To Announce Your Pregnancy

Some women get excited and announce it as soon as they get a positive sign on their pregnancy test. But each person is made to be different. Sometimes some women prefer waiting for their partner to decide on when to announce as well. 

There are also some who prefer to wait until the second trimester before they officially announce their pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Tips On Dealing With Morning Sickness

The first trimester is when you are most likely to experience sickness. Pregnancy tips often suggest that you can try eating often but lesser during this time. Take your meals in small portions and snack on plain crackers if you feel like throwing up. You may find that you have certain cravings and dislikes during these times. Avoid going near foods that make you feel sick. 

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There are also women who tend to suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum which basically translates to severe morning sickness. Pregnancy tips on knowing if you are actually dealing with this is if you constantly throw up and you may be unable to even control it. If you have hyperemesis gravidarum you will need immediate medical attention.