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Pregnancy Tips On Exercising When You’re Expecting


Pregnancy tips would always encourage you to get as much exercise as possible when you are pregnant. This is because when you exercise there are many benefits that it would provide you with. These benefits include reducing back back, increasing stamina, preventing the gain of excess weight and making delivery easier. During the first trimester is when you should start exercising, its to ensure that your body remains healthy and flexible. 

The moment you find about about your pregnancy,start asking your doctor on what types of exercises are safe for you. Most pregnancy tips would remind you that each body is different and you should never over work yourself.

Pregnancy Tips On Knowing Which Exercises Are Safe

Brisk Walking

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The easiest form of exercise during pregnancy is to talk walks around your neighbourhood. This gives you enough cardiovascular workout without putting too much pressure on your knees and it also won’t cause your ankles to hurt so much. This is the best form of pregnancy work out as it can be done at anytime of the day.

Even if you are in a shopping mall walking around, it is already a form of workout. Moreover, if you are busy working and fear you might not have enough time for walks. You could always come back home and take a stroll in front of your house or even walk around your house.

Pregnancy tips for you while brisk walking would be to bare in mind that as your pregnancy progresses you may lose balance. This is because your center of gravity changes. Moreover, you may also lose your coordination as well. You should try to walk on smooth surfaces, watch where you are walking, avoid any holes or rocks and wear supportive footwear. Its major on pregnancy tips, that you stay extra careful while expecting


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Being in water puts less strain on the joints. While swimming you are less likely to feel the strains and pains while you are not in water. Being in water and swimming are good pregnancy tips as it gives you relief from the pregnancy weight. You automatically feel lighter in water. 

The types of exercises you can do in water besides swimming include walking in water and aqua aerobics

Pregnancy tips for swimming also include, choosing a stroke you are comfortable with, ensure you do not strain your back or neck and using a kickboard to support your leg and buttock muscles. You should also be very careful when entering and exiting the pool, use the railing that is provided so that you do not slip.


Do not dive or jump into the pool as you could get injured and it will impact the baby as well. Also, do not enter warm pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, sauna or anywhere that has high temperatures. Pregnancy tips would usually ask you to stay away from places that are too hot as they could cause your temperature to rise easily and that is not good when you are pregnant

Stationary Cycling


Spinning or stationary cycling is safe even if it is your first time exercising while being pregnant. It does not put much strain on your joints but it does help with increasing your heart rate. The stationary bike is highly recommended on these pregnancy tips as it would prevent you from falling and it also supports your body weight. 


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There are many pregnancy tips that would suggest yoga as the best form of exercise during pregnancy. This it because it not only helps with helping you stay calm and relaxed. But it also improves blood circulation, helps you build stronger muscles and assists in giving you healthy blood pressure. As mentioned earlier your coordination and center of balance gets affected as your pregnancy progresses.

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So pregnancy tips would suggest you to avoid positions that may cause you to fall or topple over once your bump begins to grow. Moreover, during your second trimester avoid poses that cause you to lay flat on your back or stomach as it could impact the blood flow that goes to your baby.

Also avoid overstretching as that could cause you to go through injuries. It may be tempting as you wish you stretch to increase flexibility and joint mobility. However, it is best to avoid it as you do not wish to hurt yourself.

Low Impact Aerobics


Performing aerobic exercises would help you make your heart and lungs stronger while maintaining muscle tone. Low impact aerobics would not include fast running, high kicks, leaps or even jumping. So this form of exercise is definitely safe for pregnant women. This form of exercise would not give much stress to your muscles, maintains your balance and limits risk of weakening pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy tips discourage anything that weakens your pelvic muscles as it could cause urine leakage. 

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Try looking at aerobic classes for pregnant women around your area. This is also a good way for you to meet other pregnant women and you guys may start exchanging pregnancy tips to help one another out. Moreover a class designed specifically for pregnant women would most likely have an instructor who would the best exercises to help you. If you do attend a normal aerobic class, notify the instructor that you are pregnant so that they can help modify the moves for you. 

Pregnancy Tips On Benefits Of Exercising

The reason pregnancy tips encourage women to exercise during pregnancy is because there are many benefits. Exercising is a good way to ensure that even though you are pregnant your body still allow you to be mobile and flexible. You can also expect that your heart rate and blood circulation are in control when you exercise during your pregnancy. Besides, when you are pregnant your body changes sizes to support your baby however the weight you gain should be healthy.

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Pregnancy tips always suggest that women should never gain too much weight as it may cause other health problems. This is why exercise during pregnancy is great. It helps manage your weight and prevent you from putting on excess weight as well. Moreover, it will prepare your muscles for labor and birth. 

Not only does exercise have benefits before your labor day. But it will help make the process of pushing out your baby much easier.

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Many pregnancy tips suggest exercising as it shortens the labor process, increases the opportunity of unmedicated birth, reduces the need for pain relief and reduces medical issues such as diabetes and hypertension. Exercising is also good for your baby as it prevents preterm labor and is most likely to ensure that your baby gets a healthier start. Your baby will have a healthier birth weight, lower fetal heart rate, better tolerance towards stress and better developed neurobehavioral maturation. 

Pregnancy Tips On Safe Exercising

So now that you know why exercising is important, you should also know pregnancy tips on how to exercise without harming yourself or the baby. Before you begin your workout always ensure that you warm your body up for five to ten minutes. 

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You should also include stretching as part of your warm up, to loosen your joints and muscles. If you are used to exercising before your pregnancy then you may continue with the same routines. Talk to your doctor on how to modify those routines so that it is safe for you.

 However, if you are not used to exercising always begin with something light as you do not wish to stress your body, this may be harmful. Pregnancy tips also suggest that you end your work out session by warming down for five to ten minutes and it has to include gentle stretching as well.

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You should wear clothes that are comfortable, a good support bra and the most important thing are comfortable footwear. Your clothes should be loose as your body tends to get easily heated during pregnancy. You should also eat small meals throughout the day. This is to stay energised.Besides, remember to rest an hour after your meal before you begin your workout session. As you would know, pregnancy causes you to get dehydrated easily. So, ensure that you drink plenty of water during and after your workout sessions.