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Preparing For Labor And Delivery At The Hospital

You may have already prepared all you baby’s essentials and even your knowledge on how to care for your little one when they arrive. Besides preparing for after your baby is born, you should also be well prepared for labor and deliver. There are a few things that you should take care of before you go into labor and delivery.

 labor and delivery

This would ensure your process is smooth when you have to deliver your baby. You would not want to be unnecessarily rushing and stressing yourself out on your due date. 


Call Before The Date Of Labor And Delivery

To ensure that you have a secured place when giving birth, it is best to pre-book your hospital. Go in a few months before your due date and check on the procedures of labor and delivery at the hospital. There maybe certain documents and payments that would need to be taken care of, so ensure that you have everything ready.

 labor and delivery

 Pre-registration does not give you an exact date of admission because your baby’s due date is usually an estimation. However, getting a hospital in advance would secure you and the hospital would roughly know when they should be expecting you. Besides, it also means that you would not have much paperwork to take care of during your contractions. Pre-registrations allows you to settle most documents in advance.

Also, consider touring the hospital a little while you still have time. During labor and delivery you would not want yourself getting confused as to which side you should be using to enter. So get someone to explain to you where you should be entering and be sure to know which entrances are open after midnight, just incase. 

Map Out Your Routes

If you are not so familiar with the hospital, you and your partner might want to figure out directions. You cannot afford to be driving around while having contractions. It would be stressful for both you and your partner. Check out various routes to get to your destination. Check which ways would get you there the fastest. 

Also, you may also want to check out road obstacles that might be in the way. The best way to prepare for your journey during labor and delivery is for you and your partner to take a drive to the hospital a few times during various hours. This allows you to study the roads. 

Prepare Your Bag For Labor And Delivery

Get all your birthing and after birthing essentials packed beforehand. For your labor and delivery you will be needing a few things during your time at the hospital.

 labor and delivery

For your baby, you may want to pack socks, mittents, blanket, a clean set of clothes. Depending on the weather and/or hospital’s environment  you might also need to think of weather you will be needing thick or thin clothes. 

Also, be sure your essentials are packed as well. Things you will be needing includes blankets, socks, a change of comfortable clothes, nursing bras, lip balm and entertainment such as books or music. 

If you wish to record or capture precious moments be sure your camera is charged in advance and ensure it has a memory card as well. You might even want to prepare a list of who to call during labor and delivery so that your partner can help you make the calls.

Taking Care Of Home During Labor And Delivery

While you’re in labor and delivery, you still would want to ensure things at home are taken care of. Besides, you would not want things to be in a mess when you get back from the hospital. If you have other children, you may want to ensure there is someone to watch them while you are at the hospital.

Besides your partner could also help out with some cleaning and organising before you give birth. Most importantly, you want your newborn baby’s room to be well prepared and it has to be as clean and safe as possible. 

Normal deliveries might require you to be in the hospital for two days. While a C-section might cause you to be there for four days. You will never know your circumstances, so be prepared for both.

Infant Car Seat

infant car seat

You will be needing an infant car seat when taking your baby home. Installing it may be a little difficult. So ensure that it is done beforehand. Get it tested a few times so that it is safe for your newborn. If you and your partner are unsure, please seek for assistance. You do not want there to be an issue when your baby is in it. 

Read the seat’s manual and understand it before you even do anything. After labor and delivery your nerves will not be the same. So to avoid unnecessary stress ensure everything is checked and tested way before your due date.