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Follow These Tips When Getting Milk Bottles For Your Babies

Finding The Best Baby Milk Bottle?


Taking care and raising a baby comes with many challenges, especially for new and first time parents. And one of the challenges is finding the right baby milk bottles for feeding. When it comes to this, there is no definitive bottles or nipples type. Some babies have no preference, immediately take the bottle, while some may take some time or outright refused the bottles.

So, mums and dads, there is no ‘the best brand’ or ‘the best baby milk bottle’. That is why it is advisable for parents to have 4 baby milk bottles of different type (including the nipple) at the ready.

For starters, you can buy a few different baby milk bottles and nipples to test the water first. Try out different baby milk bottle and nipple combination to see which one will work out or you can opt to two different newborn starter sets, see which will work. To make things easy, go and ask your friends’ opinion or search up reviews online ought to help you make the decision.

Thank You Modern Manufacturers!

However, thank God we are living in modern days now because manufacturers are now able to produce both baby milk bottles and nipples that provide similar feeling and experience to breastfeeding. This surely will help the transition from breastfeeding to using baby milk bottle and formulated milk easier.

Before You Buy, Consider These Things

The Materials

Bottles: There four type of materials used to manufacture baby milk bottles—silicone, plastic, stainless steel and glass. Though, silicone is the better options since they are lightweight compared to glass and stainless steel and completely BPA free too, means you can use the baby milk bottle without worry.

  • Plastic:


  • Shatterproof


  • Have to make sure it’s BPA-free (though mostly are BPA-free nowadays)
  • Deteriorate over time, you’ll have to get a new baby milk bottle after a while

  • Silicone


  • Lightweight
  • Shatterproof
  • Definitely BPA-free
  • Soft texture


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find if you need a replacement


  • Glass:


  • Definitely BPA-free
  • Lasts for quite some time


  • Not shatterproof
  • Expensive

The Shape Of Bottle

Next is to consider the shape of the baby milk bottle.The typical and usual design is tall and cylindrical. However, nowadays there are all sorts of design; ergonomic grip design or slightly angled neck. If your baby is the active type you might want to pick up a baby milk bottle with ergonomic grip and angled neck so that it’ll be easier to feed your baby.

Also, you can either choose a baby milk bottle with wide-neck or narrow-neck. Wide-necked bottle will make it easier for you to make and measure formula milk, though due to its wide-necked design it may not fit standard cup holder in a car or on a baby stroller.


Another thing to look for is baby milk bottles with drop-in plastic insert. It is very handy because you can clean the bottle as go. You only have to toss the liner and wash the nipple. Especially convenient when you are travelling because of the quick cleaning.

Venting System

Colic, a common condition found in babies–caused by obstructed intestines or ‘wind’. And many baby milk bottles in the market today claim to have venting system in their baby milk bottles preventing the condition from occurring. The system works by preventing your baby from ingesting gas-causing air bubbles. These components usually fit into the bottle or built into the nipple or at the bottom of the baby milk bottle. Though this matter is still being argued, but the majority of parents seems to agree on this.