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Infant Health Tips On Preventing SIDS

Infant health is really unpredictable, you have to be really careful with your baby, especially during their first year of being born. SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome, is when your baby dies in their sleep. It happens without any warning signs or indications that your newborn might be having a problem.

It is any parent’s worst nightmare. Infant health is not easy to maintain and sometimes you cannot control everything. However, the tips below will help you take care of your baby and hopefully prevent your child from facing SIDS.

Infant Health Precautions For Sleeping

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So, when you want to put your baby to sleep in their crib ensure you lay them on their back. Putting your baby to sleep on their side or stomach may suffocate them. Moreover, avoid letting your baby sleep in strollers, baby seats or car seats for long periods of time. Carry them out and lay them on their backs or cradle them in your arms. 

Also, ensure that you tell anyone helping you look after your baby the same. Ensure they know how important it is for your baby to sleep on their backs. Once your child is six months or older they would learn how to roll over on their own. By that time, you can let your baby choose their sleeping position. 

You may be worried that your baby might choke when sleeping on their back. However, babies tend to puke out or cough up fluid on their own. If you still don’t feel secure then talk to your doctor if it’s safe to elevate your baby’s head a little while sleeping.

Besides, be sure there are no soft toys in your baby’s crib. Their sleeping area should be firm and stable. Your baby only needs a fitted sheet in their crib remove any unnecessary toys, pillows, extra blankets or quilts. 

Breastfeed Your Baby

Breast milk has the ability to protect your infants from certain infections. It is best to breastfeed your baby for their first to second year. Breast milk is packed with all the essential nutrients your baby needs.

If you are nervous about breastfeeding, look up some tips and guides that might be able to help you. Besides skin to skin contact is also important when it comes to establishing a close bond with your baby. 

Infant Health On Secondhand Smoke

When you have a newborn baby around you, remember to never smoke in the same environment as them. Infant health is crucial and sensitive, Even the slightest things can trigger them. If you have a smoker living with you, tell them to smoke outside and ensure they stay out until the smell has subsided. 

Moreover, never let anyone who has just smoked handle your baby. Your newborn may find it hard to breathe. You should also never smoke while you are pregnant, as soon as you find out you’re having a baby or planning to have a baby get rid of all your tobacco based products. 

Avoid Overheating To Protect Infant Health

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SIDS could always be causes due to them feeling to hot. If you live in a country like Malaysia its best to let your baby wear lose and airy clothing. Besides, ensure there is proper ventilation in your home. Most people tend to wrap their babies in blankets. However, this should not be overly done. Infant health can be protected by avoiding overheating. Also, be sure that the room temperature comfortable for an adult. Do not make it too warm or cold. 

Vaccinate Your Newborn

Infant health care requires you take your baby for regular checkups. This will not only help you monitor their health but there are certain vaccinations that a baby needs to take. Talk to your doctor on infant health and vaccinations. They will help guide you and educate you on why it’s crucial.

Besides, vaccinations also help ensure your baby does not get easily infected. Besides, vaccinations aren’t usually given at once after birth. Different vaccinations fall under different timelines and its spaced usually within the first 24 months and some are even given in later years of your child’s life.

Safety Precautions When Using Pacifier

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Using a pacifier is a good way to comfort your baby to sleep. However, using it the wrong way may also lead to SIDS. If you are breastfeeding your baby, do not introduce the pacifier too soon as it can lead to nipple confusion. It may cause your baby to prefer the pacifier over your nipple. So, be sure to let your baby get used to breastfeeding before introducing the pacifier.

Once you introduce the pacifier you may use it to soothe your baby to sleep. Do not try putting back the pacifier in their mouth once they have fallen asleep. Also, ensure that you keep the pacifier clean and if the nipple is damaged, get a new pacifier. Do not reuse a damaged or dirty pacifier. Lastly avoid coating the pacifier. Substances like honey or alcohol are not safe your your newborn. Infant health care suggests that honey can lead to botulism in your children.