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Travel Essentials That You Need For Your Baby

Babies are a lot of work. More if you’re planning to travel with them. Packing for an outing with your baby is like packing for an overnight trip. Most of the time, some parents tend to overpack their baby’s travel essentials due to the anxiety of being under-pack.

Here are the baby travel essentials that you need:

1) Baby travel system

A baby traveling system is by far one of the most important baby travel essentials. It includes a baby carrier, a baby stroller, a baby car seat and an infant capsule. You don’t actually need to bring along all of these in your travel. Instead, pick the most convenient carrier to travel with according to where you’re traveling to.


A baby stroller really comes in handy when you’re going to do a lot of walking, but baby carriers are wonderful for when you’re traveling to crowded places and pushing a stroller is just a bother.

2) Nursing covers

You’re outside and suddenly your baby is hungry. You don’t want to flash yourself but you also don’t want your baby to cry from hunger, so, what do you do? You can use a nursing cover to breastfeed your baby. Nursing in public is embarrassing and uncomfortable but mothers can’t control their baby’s hunger. Using a nursing cover is perfect for you to breastfeed in secret. Think of it as your very own shield.

Normal breastfeeding situation:

travel essentials

Taken from Parents Guide (

Using nursing covers:

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A little bit more privacy for you and your baby

3) A Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is, without a doubt an important traveling essential for your baby. Basically, your diaper bag is also your go-to baby bag. Everything that you need to care for your baby should be put in your diaper bag. A diaper bag needs to consist of your baby’s daily essentials but in travel size packs.

Diaper Bag Checklist:

    • Diapers (depending on how long you’re outside)
    • Disposable wet tissues
    • Plastic bags (for dirty diapers or clothes)
    • Ointments
    • Baby bib
    • Hand sanitizers
    • A Change of Clothes
    • Hat
    • Baby shoes
    • Blanket
    • Milk bottles
    • Toys/baby pacifier

4) Feeding Necessities

Feeding essentials are important when you’re traveling with your baby. This is because not all the places you visit are baby-friendly. Feeding necessities vary according to your baby, some babies are breastfed, some use a milk bottle or some are already eating baby food.

However, for babies who are still breastfeeding, packing for their meal is not the same struggle compared to babies who are bottle-fed and babies who’re already started consuming baby food. Parents or guardians should always remember to pack along a tumbler of hot water during their travels. It’ll come in handy for when you’re preparing your baby’s food later.