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Strollers Fit For Malaysian Parents and Their Babies

Buying a baby stroller can be stressful for parents. Without a doubt, there’s a lot of strollers out there to choose from. But, the big question is what kind of strollers would fit you and your baby?

Purchasing your baby’s stroller can be confusing for parents especially if you’re new to this whole parenting game. Sometimes, you get confused and buy the most expensive one thinking it’ll have everything you need. News flash- that’s not it.

An important factor that parents need to consider when buying their baby’s stroller is their lifestyle. It’s a fact that people with different demographics live their life differently. So, in this article, we are going to highlight the important stroller’s features that fit the Malaysian parents’ lifestyle.

Sun canopy

Buying a stroller with a sun canopy is important especially in the Malaysian climate where it’s hot all year round. The bigger the size of the canopy, the better. Why? So that your baby is more protected from the sun and they can have their own little privacy. Some canopy has a peekaboo window where you can walk while checking up on your baby at the same time.


Malaysia has different kinds of terrain so having a sturdy stroller is essential. A sturdy stroller is good for everyday use like walking around malls or the park. A solid stroller provides a smooth ride for your baby. A really good one comes with a lot of compartments that you can use to store your baby’s gear.

No Black!

Baby strollers come in rainbow colours. We all know that black absorbs heat the most which are not appropriate for Malaysia’s hot blazing weather. Choose colours that reflect the light instead. Basically, it’s best to avoid dark colours altogether. I know that dark colours elude elegance and chic but your baby’s comfort should always be your priority.


A lightweight stroller is perfect for parents who are always on the move. Like its name, a lightweight stroller is well, light. Which makes it easy for parents to carry around. You can move more easily with your baby in narrow and crowded places. Lightweight strollers are perfect for travelling, you can easily fold it and it doesn’ take as much space.

It is best to take time and invest in your baby’s stroller because you’ll be using it for years. You can learn more and browse for your perfect stroller on any online baby store