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Baby Pottery Malaysia – Hand & Foot Print Molding Mud

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Baby Care Malaysia – Hand & Foot Print Molding Mud 

100% brand new and high quality


  • Create and frame an impression of your little angel’s adorable handprint and footprint to cherish for a lifetime
  • Designed to capture the timeless beauty of your baby’s tiny little hands and feet
  • Safe and non-toxic clay without mixing to protect your baby’s skin. The clay is soft, pliable and easy to make your little ones fingers and toes impressions
  • The three-fold frame is made from quality solid wood and has a classic look that suits any decor. You can simply place it on a desk or tabletop
  • Perfect to create a imprint of your little baby’s handprint and footprint, or your family dog’s or kitty’s paws. And the clay can be kneaded into round, square or other shapes as your like


  • Material: Wood + Clay
  • Frame Size: 35*15*2cm / 13.78*5.9*0.79in
  • Photo Size: 8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in
  • Clay Area: 8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in
  • Color: White Frame + Pink Clay | White Frame + Blue Clay | White Frame + White Clay | White Frame + Green Clay

How to

  1. Take the clay and knead 2-3 minutes. If the clay is too soft, pls put it in the refrigerator for an hour and then take out to knead. If the clay is too hard, pls knead it in the warm environment(above 25℃)
  2. Put the kneaded clay flat, use rolling-pin to roll the clay back and forth softly to reach appropriate thickness
  3. The baby’s hand or foot should be coated with a small amount of baby skin cream, which helps us get a better effect and avoid baby’s hand or feet too dry
  4. Put baby’s hand or foot in the clay softly and keep five seconds after getting the good thickness, and then move the print softly
  5. If you aren’t satisfied with the print, repeat above steps. Pls wash baby’s hand or foot immediately after finishing the print
  6. You can print any shapes that you like
  7. Put the print for 48 hours under natural conditions and then can be permanently retained (Drying time is different due to the different temperature and humidity)

Pls note: After opening the package, pls use the clay as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the results because of evaporation.


  1. The product is only for adult use, don’t use it as a baby toy.
  2. Take care of your baby during use, don’t let him/her swallow any molding material.
  3. Don’t press the footprint artwork before the clay is air dried, otherwise it may be cracked.


Please allow 1-3cm (0.4-1.18″) difference due to manual measurement and slight color variation for different display setting.

Package Content

1 x Frame

2 x Pack of 100g Clay

1 x Manual


Additional information


Frame Size:35*15*2cm / 13.78*5.9*0.79in


Photo Size:8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in

Age Range



Wood + Clay

Frame Size

35*15*2cm / 13.78*5.9*0.79in

Photo Size

8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in

Clay Area

8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in

Color 1

White Frame + Pink Clay, White Frame + Blue Clay

Color 2

White Frame + White Clay, White Frame + Green Clay

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